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Re: Technological Stagnation

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Even that is not a "solution," it is merely a paradigm shift. Fans of history know that traffic congestion is inevitable
Now there is where your technological stagnation comes back into play. Imagine if someone had a great solution to, say, driverless car streams passing through each other at an intersection--but never gets a chance to perfect it due to telecommuting.

I can't help but wonder how many technological work arounds have been averted due to paradigm shifts.

Somebody may have a solution for vertical holds on old TV sets that might be useful in other fields of research that will never be discovered due to digital TVs

Or what if someone found a one page proof of Fermat that worked--Wiles may never have done his longer, more valuable paper.

Now I get that everything seems like re-capitulation. Engines get more efficient, consumer electronics get more nifty--it seems like it takes more and more effort to get less and less return.

Now every once in awhile, things will knock me for a loop--like the concept of solid light, small accelerators, etc.

The Amplituhedron Crystal

Now I am still not bullish on all the nano-rage. At that scale, a dust mote is an asteroid, a dust mite is Godzilla, static cling is felt like neutron star gravity, Brownian motion is like being shelled by artillery, a droplet of water is an ocean of molasses, and heat is death.

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