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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

I nearly got to meet Jim Rash a few months ago. He was in town promoting his new movie (The Way Way Back, I think?) and he was on one of the local daytime TV shows. I happen to work in the exact same building where the show is shot. So I'm sitting in the break room, watching the TV, only to have the sudden realization, 'They shoot this show live, don't they? Holy crap, Jim Rash is in the building!' I figured I knew which exit he'd have to use when he left. But by the time I finally worked up the courage to go down to the ground floor, I think he'd already left.

Probably just as well. I didn't want to have to answer a bunch of questions from security about why I was hanging around down there. But then, I figure it's not celebrity stalking if no one else in the building even knows who the guy is. (When I mentioned this to my co-workers, I got some vague flickers of recollection when I mentioned that he wrote The Descendants. But no one had even heard of Community and we're a freaking NBC affiliate!)
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