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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

Don't know who this lady is... but she's tired of being frustrated... "enough is enough"... and misses Mary Tyler Moore.

I do think she's right about one thing...this song would do well on OitNB's disco karaoke night...

I just about died when I read this,... until I got further into it and realized SOMEONE has a sense of humor.

Teacake... did YOU write this???

Some interviews are amazing, in hindsight. This is an old one with Jenji Kohan.

Is THIS answer prophetic?

Is there anyone you didnít get to explore as deeply in Season 1, that youíd like to get to in Season 2?

KOHAN: Yeah, there are a bunch. I want to look into Black Cindy and Lorna and Yoga Jones, who told us a story, but you donít see it. There are so many. Next season, Iíd love to bring in new characters, just so we can tell these stories that we want to tell, if itís not through someone already there. Itís a great control, for the production. Itís like, ďIf you donít behave, you could get out of prison.Ē Everyone has to be nice.
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