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Re: Ugly Things That Ruin a Show

I think Phineas & Ferb is a great example of very attractive modern-day animation.

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I don't mind strong green filters/color schemes at times, but even if Superman Returns weren't such a blah movie, I think I'd have trouble watching it again on looks alone. I guess Singer was going for some sort of classic feel on top of the sets, costumes, and general production design, but the result is downright garish. And while I haven't seen the full fan edit itself, this color-corrected preview by one Booshman is a huge improvement over the official film.
You've got a point there. I really like Superman Returns but I admit that the visuals are sometimes a bit too dingy for my tastes. I suspect some of that had something to do with Jon Peters. He'd always had problems with Superman's red & blue suit. Perhaps he was trying to downplay that as much as possible without actually changing the colors alltogether.

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Big Bang Theory seems too much to me like 'Geekdom from the perspective of non-geeks' for me to get into it. Like, they know the sort of thing geeks like but they have no real understanding of why they like it, not like Community or Chuck.
I will always agree with this. Leonard is by far the show's worst offender. Between the voice & the supremely godawful fashion sense, he's like a white Urkel.

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Have you ever seen Last Man Standing, this Depression-era crime drama starring Bruce Willis? Good God, I still remember how brown that movie was . . . .
Haha! It totally was. It's like they filmed it in a sand storm.
I really had the feeling the director wanted to shoot it in black and white, but the studio balked, so he went for drab instead.

I think it would look much better in black and white.
Didn't the same thing happen with Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow? I had a pretty hard time dealing with that movie's drab color palette.
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