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Re: Shinzon's motives

No, don't you dare go there. I hate it when people who want SOME answers are accused of wanting things "spoon-fed" to them. That's bull and the height of condescension. There is NOTHING in the movie to indicate that. Nothing that anyone says, does, or acts like indicates that is what Shinzon's motivation was. You may BELIEVE that those were his motivation, buts its merely your opinion. In fact, everything in the movie would seem to contradict that. There is evidence in all the other movies for the other things you mentioned.
1. Spock is half-Vulcan and wants to embrace their logical ways, but can't quite let go of his human-half.
2. Saavik was Spock's prized student and he was her mentor, she cared about him. Of course she was sad when he died.
3. The probe was a plot device.
and so on.
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