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Re: The Admirals character makes no sense whatsoever

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Does it really seem that reasonable though that a complete psychopath like this would become a Starfleet Admiral?

I don't see where all admirals have always been corrupt or evil. Admiral Hanson from Best of Both Worlds seemed alright. And the blonde admiral from TNG seemed normal enough.

This guy is just a bit over the top imo.
Weller was wonderful as the character, son. Shit, he stole the show when he was on screen. I bet that bastard brushed his teeth with bourbon, son.

The thing that should scare folks is that he was not a psychopath. I once posted in some thread that he reminded me of Curtis LeMay. Someone (M'Sharak?) responded that Weller, himself mentioned LeMay as someone who influenced his character. LeMay was incredibly respected as a general and was pivotal to U.S. success in the air war in Europe and the Pacific in World War II. If he had had his way, he also would've started a pre-emptive nuclear war to defeat the USSR in the early 1960s even though he knew millions would die. Marcus was distressingly close to art imitating life.

Also, as far as starting a war for the sake of war goes, we still don't know fully what happened to the Maine in 1898 that started the Spanish-American war. But someone was looking for a pretense for war, and there is was, convenient or created.

Sane minds do dastardly things for what they believe to be very good reasons. It could keep one up at night thinking about people like that out there.
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