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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

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No one could possibly like Larry more than.... anyone. Since rewatching a few of the episodes, I disklike him even more.

No I didn't get that feeling from prepon either.. Probably bullshit, as usual.

I think ???? Madzilla said a few weeks ago she was a Larry fan... but if so then she and Teacake may be the "only" ones in the wide world who do.

Wellll, if Alex is your LEAST favorite character on the show and you aren't sad to see her go... one would naturally assume that means you prefer LARRY in the "Who will win Piper's heart" Sweepstakes.

"Everybody (EXCEPT TEACAKE & LARRY) Loves me."

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Speaking of pornstache.. You know that voyager episode where the doctor tampers with his own program and becomes some evil version of himself? Or should I say a creepy version of himself.. He would make a great pornstache.

No one would make a great larry.. Not even larry.
I KNEW I didn't like that Voyager episode for a reason. Dr Pornstache.... yes.. the Mr. Hyde version of the EMH. (That's a name I bet the EMH never considered! )

Teacake's comments about WEEDS has really put me off trying to watch that series. Many others have suggested (in various blogs/forums) that WEEDS lost focus after the first season and were fearful at what that portended for this show.

The actresses are all very gungho about season 2 so far, so lets cross our fingers... then again my fingers are already tired from being crossed these last 6 weeks over the "Alex" thing.

I'm pooped out.

Drove 7 hours yesterday and already sat through nearly five hours of class this morning with another 5 scheduled for tonight which MEANS I'll have to wait for OUaT's season 3 premiere until tomorrow night.

(its kosher... its multifandom OitNB & OUaT, among many others)


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