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Re: First look inside the new Stellar Cartography

^Ah, but warp drive in the Prime universe has been portrayed in various different ways. In "The Cage" it was called "time warp" and was depicted as making the ship turn transparent. In TOS it didn't seem to look any different from impulse travel, but then in TMP it became something distinct from normal space, entered with a bang and characterized by multicolored streaks of light -- a precedent which later productions followed in their own varying ways.

So who's to say how warp drive worked in the late 2250s in the Prime universe? We have insufficient evidence to rule anything out.

The problem is that, even though the existing Trek canon is a hodgepodge of clashing interpretations and approaches, we learn to gloss over the discrepancies and manufacture for ourselves the illusion that there's a single consistent standard unifying it all. So when another new interpretation comes along, something we haven't yet had time to blend with the rest in our memories, we fool ourselves into thinking it's a departure from a previously uniform whole.
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