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Re: Why the lack of Classic characters?

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Yeah, I remember how they aired serials from each Doctor at the time of the 20th anniversary. For me, and probably a lot of people my age, that was the first real chance to see Doctors 1-3 and shorter broadcasting days. And that was when there was only BBC 1 and 2 on air. Surely with all the channels they have now and all the screen time to fill, they'd not only be able to fit some in, but that they'd be actively glad of it?
That's the weird thing. BBC America has done better by Doctor Who this year than the BBC's own stations in the UK. The BFI film series is nice enough for those who can attend, but that's the problem with it -- it's for a very limited audience in a specific place. An "Eleven Faces of Doctor Who" (riffing on JNT's "Five Faces" in the run-up to "Castrovalva") on BBC 3 or BBC 4 should have been a natural. I'm curious if such a thing were ever under consideration and, if it was, who scuttled it and why.
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