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Re: Hawaii 5-0 Season 4 discussion/spoilers

It's clear that this episode was made to set up the season long plot-lines. Overall, I'm glad 5-0 is back, but this wasn't their strongest outing. Steve vs. the gunmen was pretty ridiculous. They made Stormtroopers look like excellent marksmen.

Though, they did get a little meta at the end about Steve vs. the helicopter. That's what I love about the show, the fact that they don't take themselves too seriously. That scene was so far fetched and ridiculous, but the fact that they lampshaded it was great.

I was sad to see their computer table die, but I fully expect HQ to get a 3-D table this time.

And Kamekona's small part was great. I loved him versus the cop-in-training. I wonder if the 90 days thing was a throwaway line or foreshadowing.
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