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Re: Actors who would have made great Starfleet Captains

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Genevieve Bujold
Always have wondered what-if...

I'd love to hear Honor Blackman or Joanna Lumley doing the "Space, the final frontier..." intro, mainly because I think they have such great voices.
Saw a 1968 interview of Joanna Lumley the other day, she was so effortlessly charismatic and funny even then.

Honor Blackman is a pretty sterling pick, I think. The kind of woman who got cast to play goddesses and had that ringing-declamation style of acting absolutely down pat.

To go a little more obscure -- he's something of a "that guy" but I've always found him to steal the show in anything he appeared in -- I've often wondered about Maurice Dean Wint (who most people know as the psycho cop in Cube).

Great picks, folks, keep 'em coming!
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