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Re: It's Over.

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But if it's like TF:R&D: cliff-hangers, partial story, almost nothing changes I'd rather have the former. In other words, good writing trumps all.
Why the need to continue bashing this book? You've made your opinions quite clear in its review thread. There is no need to continue to rehash this.

As for the original topic, there are many, MANY books of the self-contained variety that I love. So many of the numbered novels are near and dear to me. However, the reset button at the end of almost each and every one of them drives me up the wall. I would actually rather have an open-ended book with no resolution to the story as long as something changes.

I don't want characters to become unrecognizable though.

I need to be able to see a progression from where the character was to where the character goes and have it actually make sense.
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