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Re: Was the Star Trek 4 Ent-A bridge a redress of the Excelsior bridge

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The Paradise City bar, however, is a redress of Ten Forward.
Oh! Well, there you go. I never suspected that. Which supports my point that TFF did a good job of hiding its reuse of TNG sets, while TUC did a terrible job of doing so.
I never knew that either, to be honest though for me the set that screams TNG in TFF is the corridors but the only two that spring to mind during TUC are 10 Forward as the Presidents office and then Engineering which never bothered me until I noticed the TNG console amongst the movie era graphics.

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^But between V and VI they move the turbolifts too, which necessitates moving the shafts for at least one deck below. Quite a bit more work than plugging in a new module on top.

EDIT: That said, I think we're supposed to believe the bridge in IV, V and VI "really" looks the same, just as Kirsty Alley and Robin Curtis are both recognizable as Saavik.
I would say IV and V are 'meant' to be the same bridge in the same way the bridge of the BoP in III and IV are 'meant' to be the same.

The one in VI I always took to be a remodel between VI and V is just something to ignore.

Personally I prefer the V layout but love the mix of touch screens and switches in VI. I hated the clocks though, too 20th century seeming they could have easily (in universe) added to the screens themselves.
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