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Re: You know what would've made "Yesterday's Enterprise" better than i

Boooo!!! Hisss!!! {{{throws pop corn at the screen}}}

Worf showing up would have been terrible. Small-Universe syndrome to the extreme. It's technically silly the rest of the Enterprise crew was there given how differently their lives would have been...strike that...given that NONE of them would have existed had history not played out how it did. It's one thing to visit the Mirror Universe where we're specifically going to meet eeeevil versions of the characters, but in a "real life" changed history scenario like war with the Klingons for decades altering the timeline? Forget it.

I mean, remember, we'd all be different if just one other sperm or egg from our parents made us. If our parents even sneezed at the wrong moment another sperm would have fertilized the egg and poof - very different "you." Besides, didn't later Treks run small-universe syndrome into the ground?

No. I say no Worf in "Yesterday's Enterprise"!!! No Worf, No vaccine, and No Lt. Yar!
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