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Re: Why the lack of Classic characters?

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I know one thing, if I watch the special and don't see any of the following:

) Doctors 4-8 interacting with 11, 10 and Hurt in some way, even if it's just voiceovers (as long as its new dialogue)

) Classic series companions interacting with 11, 10 and Hurt,

Doctor Who will be over for me. It will finally prove that the new series is undeserving of the honors of the original, classic material.
If either of those things happen (especially a William Russell appearance), that would be fantastic and I'd be thrilled.

I don't expect them, though. *shrug*

If the Anniversary Special is mainly a celebration of the last eight years with an occasional kiss to the past and there's backlash because of it, I'll be curious to see who throws whom under the bus.
If it's mainly a celebration of the last eight years, with a bare minimum of references to the classic series, then they should stop calling it a fiftieth anniversary celebration. Just sticking Tom Baker's scarf on some random woman, and having UNIT turn up, are hardly what I call fitting throwbacks to the past.
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