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Re: Why the lack of Classic characters?

Noddy wrote: View Post
What are your expectations for how the special will turn out, Allyn?
I have no expectations.

I'm sure I will enjoy it, as I do much of Moffat's era, on a purely superficial level. Like Star Trek: Voyager, Moffat's Who, to me, is pure popcorn best watched with the brain turned off.

I'll grin like a thief when John Hurt says, "I am the Doctor." I know I'll grin like a thief when David Tennant appears. Probably not so much when Billie Piper appears.

I will love seeing the three Doctors together, snarking at each other, because that's what the Doctors do when they get together.

In terms of story, I expect something not unlike "The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe." Not a big cast, a couple of sets, a pre-teaser action set piece, a Bill Bailey-type guest star, pointless fanwank, and not much more. I expect something that I'll enjoy in the moment, but also something that, when I stop to think about it, doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense.

Oh, and I do expect a Peter Capaldi cameo. They will probably film it during the Christmas special filming.

In short, I expect the Ur-Moffat, but with three Doctors instead of one.
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