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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

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No one could possibly like Larry more than.... anyone. Since rewatching a few of the episodes, I disklike him even more.

No I didn't get that feeling from prepon either.. Probably bullshit, as usual.

I think ???? Madzilla said a few weeks ago she was a Larry fan... but if so then she and Teacake may be the "only" ones in the wide world who do.

Because, well, as the boy said....

Finally, another decent P/A video.


This vidder also made another one I like and have posted.

I think this next vid is one of the reasons why I prefer P/A vs P/L... bear with me.

Alex IS a criminal. She is not only a Bad Ass... she's a "bad guy" and one of the things that's "catnip" to many women is the need to "save/rescue" the bad guy from themselves.

Larry is just a jerk. Its hard to save a jerk from themselves.

Somehow, despite her criminal behavior, despite her "turning Piper into the law... I SUSPECT Alex has an underlying vein of honor, one that needs nurturing despite Alex's best attempts to hide from it.

When Larry was pissed off at Piper, he went on a national radio show and spoke of all the things she told him in confidence, thereby making her a target for potentially unstable people in the prison with her. I'm AMAZED he didn't tell the story about Pornstache groping her or leering at her while she changed clothes. (Maybe he can self censor when he wants to do so.)">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344">

When Alex was pissed at her early in their prison sojourn... she stood up to Tiffany in the laundry room, threatening her with Unspeakable things for a born again rampant heterosexual... to SHUT her the F-UP about Piper. A comment that placed her SELF in danger from the unstable elements behind bars and got her stuck in the dryer, broke her glasses, lost her the poor excuse for a mattress and who knows what else had Piper not distracted Tiffany from her pursuit of Alex revenge by getting Tiffany thrown into the Psyche ward.
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