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Re: Why the lack of Classic characters?

I'm mystified at what has happened in BBC scheduling. Most of my life people have been complaining that they show too many repeats. And here's a perfect opportunity to show old stuff (already digitised for DVD release) for the cost of a few royalties, and win praise instead. And fill up the space they're so badly struggling with on the budget struck bbc4 if you will. Anniversary's are about being nostalgic.

Imagine if they made every weekend from the anniversary till Christmas Doctor weekend on bbc4. That's 9 nights? Show one classic story followed by a related New one - daleks, cybermen, spiders even. Have a Saturday night with a Sarah Jane ep with 3, then her farewell from 4 and The School Reunion to close - Sunday morning, Cbbc does its bit with a SJA Adventures story. Not one single bit of new material needed - though some 90 second interviews to splice wouldn't hurt. Be unashamedly nostalgic, and please the fanboys too.

And that's really not rocket surgery for an organisation who do so many repeats.
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