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Re: The episode "Distant Origin"

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Are you naturally this pigheaded or do you work at it? What on earth gives you the idea that it must be either intact or eroded to nothing?
Because it wasn't designed to last 50 million years. Do you think the engineers were interested in designing it to last that long - without maintenance? Entire continents MOVE in 50 million years. Whole mountain ranges will erode away in 50 million years. What's so special about a lump of concrete? The freeze-thaw cycles alone would break it down over a few hundred years, and the rest of the environment will reduce it to pebbles or smaller over the remaining time. Even the radioactivity at Chernobyl will subside over merely thousands of years. So what could be left after 50 million years? Nothing.

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I said that some trace of it could remain. That is all. It may be nothing more than some rocks that are only found in this one small area and bear signs of having been exposed to something highly radioactive.
Incredibly unlikely. "Only in this one small area"? You're assuming that the material won't be redistributed? "Signs of exposure to radioactivity"? Like what - fission tracks in the crystals? Those occur naturally anyway. You throw out these half-baked ideas that "some evidence" would remain, yet you clearly have no idea what that evidence would be, but still have the gall to imply that I don't know what I'm talking about?

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Humans are notorious for making things in astronomical quantities.
Such as? Toothpicks? Tissue paper?

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Anyway, let me ask you a question...

If you could come back to this planet in 50 million years, would you expect that every single trace of human civilization, no matter how small, no matter how insignificant, would have been completely wiped out?
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