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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

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The videos are AWESOME.

I would like to request 100 move videos of Janeway with Red's voice. Thank you.
Thank you!! Consider it done. It will be my life's mission

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Also, WHAT DOES THE JOKE MEAN. Someone, give me a run down on the significance and use of it in Orange.

And Kaffe deserves INTERNET CELEBRITY for her vids
If someone wants to pay me for that celebrity, fine

I don't think it's actually a real joke but I found this on reddit..

"So a penguin and a farmer walk into a bar. The penguin starts eating the tiny fancy drink umbrellas. The Bartender says to the Farmer, "Hey, your eggplant's gotta pay for those." And so the Penguin says "Dude, he's not an eggplant, he's retarded."

Not that I get it but.. There are several versions floating around.

And I just realised that it doesn't match what she's saying, never mind.

In Oitnb, red says:

"So the third time, same thing happens. So the farmer looks at his wife, then back at the penguin and finally the penguin goes: He's not an eggplant, man, he's retarded."

Later when she goes back to the "ladies"...

".. and the penguin goes, he's not an eggplant. He's retarded. It's fucking funny!"

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And it gets so tedious privatizing everything, if you can even figure out how to do it.
Yep, it's horrible. Especially the youtube/google thing.. I mean come on, let us have some privacy. One of the reasons I'm not that in to social medias anymore.

Thank you all for the kind words of my videos! Kind of overwhelmed that people liked it so much. I now have over 4000 views combined (according to youtube)

And thanks to delenn13 I now have tags and descriptions on them Plus a link to this thread, so maybe we can get some traffic here aswell!

Re: the scientology/prepon thing: That's terrible if some other "influence" is keeping her from playing the role. I mean, she obviously doesn't have a problem with it and I can't imagine netflix not wanting to keep her on.

Re: Oversharing. It drives me crazy every time I buy something from Amazon and they ask me if I want to tell my friends what I just bought.


If they are so all fired interested in it, they can come over to the house and see it for themselves!

Re: The Scientology / Prepon thing... Or more apt... the "thing". It drives me crazy, this "journalism by repeating someone else's musings ad infinitum until people think its a fact and not just some one's idiotic musing.

I have no knowledge of Prepon's personal beliefs, or of her connection with the C-o-Sc, however, after the first month of OitNB's release, Prepon was EVERYWHERE promoting the show and speaking opening of the sexual orientation of the 2 main players in this drama/comedy. She's joked how lesbians BEFORE OitNB would hit on her in bars, and her curiosity at how often it would now occur after the show was released. (The famous.. "I'm catnip to Lesbians" quote.)

She's been frank that she has Gays and Lesbians among her friends, and hangs at one of the largest gay bars in LA since one of her friends runs it. When the Supreme Court was set to rule on the Defense of Marriage Act...she told one interviewer that it was "about time" for the laws of the US to change so that marriage could be offered to Gays and lesbians too.

Does that sound like a woman who would let the Scientology leadership dictate to her, what TV series she should work on?

Heck its not like she's being primed to be the next Mrs. Tom Cruise... that perk is supposedly being offered to one of her "friends". (Lets hope its not one of the Lesbians, or Tom and the Church will both be in for a rude awakening.)

Since I don't get the sense from Laura that she would cave into such pressure, I think its not just irresponsible for the Afterellen blogger to make such a speculative accusation, I think its downright mean.

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Alex is my least favorite character so I'm only sad about it for other people. They can cry on my shoulder if they like but I'll be eating the funeral sandwiches while I make there there sounds.

Over here, we have more funeral salads than sandwiches. Pasta & potato salads, baked beans, meatballs, chicken wings and chocolate chip cookies.

It is about comfort food, after all.

Feel free to pat me on the head and say, "There, there."

You like Larry more than you like Alex????

Let the Zombie apocalypse begin.
"But life is a battle: may we all be enabled to fight it well!" Charlotte Bronte
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