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Join the crew of the USS Intervision...

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. This is the motto of the USS Intervision assigned to Task Force 44. We are looking for new writers to fill in key positions. If you planning on joining and only posting once, you need NOT apply. This simm is only for dedicated simmers who are serious about simming. The USS Intervision is a Play by Forum RPG. We are in need of the following primary positions:

* Chief Operations Officer
* Chief Science Officer
* Chief Security/Tactical Officer
* Chief Flight Control Officer
* Marine CO
* Head Counselor
* Chief of Strategic Operations
We are also in need of ALL Assistant Positions except Fighter Wing XO, which is currently filled.

If you feel that you want to join a serious simm with serious players, then I invite you to join the USS Intervision!
Jennifer McTaggert
Commanding Officer
USS Intervision
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