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Re: Why the lack of Classic characters?

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^ And, under realistic circumstances, they could've worked them in with the existing budget just as I mentioned above.

It's a zero-sum game, though. Add a classic Doctor, and you have to make cuts elsewhere in the production. Maybe you lose a non-Doctor guest star. Maybe you lose a set. Pretty soon you have a Star Trek: The Next Generation-style bottle show where you have a bunch of Doctors squbbling in the console room for an hour because there's no budget to do anywhere else.

Couldn't you have a younger version of the FIRST Doctor appear -- that could be a "nobody" and relatively cheap...and for some previous expensive would they be?

And for some of the older Doctors...did they HAVE to be their Doctor? Couldn't they be another Time Lord or other character that gives us a nod & a wink about their "true" identity?
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