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Re: Moffat Talks 13th, sorry, 12th Doctor

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I accepted it when comparing Gwen and Gwyneth simply because it was a joke which they spent one minute on. That's a lot different than making it a plot point relevant to the season's arc, which is the implication I'm getting from the article about Capaldi's other two roles being relevant to the Twelfth Doctor's appearance.
I've decided that I'm okay with this, but only one one condition.

Whatever ties Caecilius, Frobisher, and the twelfth Doctor together also ties together other Capaldi BBC roles including the Angel Islington (Neverwhere), Balthazar (The Nativity), Richelieu (the forthcoming The Musketeers), and Randall Brown (The Hour). I am deliberately leaving out Malcolm Tucker, as he would overlap with John Frobisher. All of these Capaldi characters team up, like aspects of the Eternal Champion, and kick the ass out of Rassilon.

That would make it okay.
Include Malcolm Tucker and I'm sold. Besides, eight Capaldi characters would make up for not bringing all eight of the living pre-Capaldi Doctors back for the 50th.
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