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Re: First look inside the new Stellar Cartography

Hando wrote: View Post
Political map of the Delta Quadrant? One that is in line with the novels? Or STO?
I would presume that this product, even though being produced in boutique numbers, is still likely to be aimed at general audiences who like/watch "canonical" Star Trek, as were Bantam's "Star Trek Maps" and Simon & Schuster's "Star Trek Star Charts". It's the kind of thing that relatives will buy, for Christmas season gift-giving, for "the Star Trek fan who has everything". (And probably already has the item on their standing order, so they'll end up with two.)

Any references to the ongoing 24th century ST novels, or computer game tie-ins, would be minor. Like the in-joke references to places such as Ringworld, Altair IV, Edos and Cait, in the previous incarnations.

Political map of the Delta Quadrant? Surely, we really only know the areas along the path taken by Voyager as it traveled home? Anything else is going to be speculation, and then the subject of angry complaints if the new VOY novels fail to comply.

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If I could have just one thing changed from Star Charts, it would be: move Andor further away from Earth than Procyon!
Why? Are we obscuring your view of Venus?
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