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Re: State of Trek according to Entertainment Weekly

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Explain to me why showing a new technology based on a previously seen technology is wrong
If your new technology makes the basic premise of your whole setting and franchise -- adventuring in a starship -- completely redundant, it is probably a bad idea. (It doesn't help that it also completely breaks the internal consistency of depicting that technology in the timeframe one is supposedly "re-booting." But even that's a problem that pales in comparison.)
The technology is already different in this timeline and the tech came from over a century in the future. Once it gets perfected it's possible that Starships as a mode of transportation might become obsolete. But that doesn't need to happen anytime soon. There also might be bugs in the tech that might render it impractical on a large scale.

and why hiding a starship under an ocean is dumb.
Um, because a starship has all of space to hide in? Where it's designed to be and wouldn't be discernible as anything other than a bright dot from below? Whereas it is not designed to be under the ocean? And actually the Enterprise never ever landed in other films because it was not designed to ever landed, and would break apart on entering an atmosphere? How many more do would you like?
The first one makes sense. I forget if there was a reason in the film why they were in the ocean.

The second one. I think it's design is more than adequate for limited submersion. If it can stand the various extremes of space a little water won't hurt it.

Where is it stated the the Enterprise would break apart when entering an atmosphere? It worked fine in the atmosphere of Earth in "Tomorrow Is Yesterday" and managed to get out of Earth's atmosphere without any trouble.

This is a ship with shields and antigrav ability. A little atmosphere and gravity is water off ducks back.

Other ships like the Bird of Prey, the Voyager and the Vulcan ship from First Contact didn't seem to have any problems with atmospheres.

The only reason the Enterprise has transporters is landing the ship every week would have been expensive SFX wise. So "design wise" it could land if the budget allowed it.
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