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Re: State of Trek according to Entertainment Weekly

Therin of Andor wrote: View Post
It can withstand wormholes, nebulas, giant amoeba and other space anomalies, but would "break apart" just by entering atmosphere?
I would actually say the canon explanation for this is pretty consistent on the grounds of spaceships being designed for space, and equipped to handle space-related hazards, whereas the attempts to discard it because SQUEEEE are rather more questionable.

It is called Great Movie Blockbuster Writing.
I'm honestly not arsed if you like the movie. It's cool to like processed sandwich spread, too; it's just not cool to claim it is caviar and denounce the rest of us as snobs when we tell you that is not the case.

Set Harth wrote:
That question has been answered by several people and in various ways.
I am sure it has. Unfortunately there is a difference between an answer and a good answer. How do you know where you're transporting to, for instance? Anything from telescopy to satellites to robot ships would suffice. You just flat-out would not need a ship like Enterprise.
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