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Re: State of Trek according to Entertainment Weekly

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The best thing Paramount can do is ignore us because some of us will never be happy.
Meh. It would be a valid defense against the kind of fan who goes ballistic over trivial minutiae: "Kirk would never part his hair that way! They've murdered Trek and are raping its corpse!"

When you're talking about more glaring things like "transwarp beaming" (which raise rather large questions like what exactly would you need starships for when you can teleport across interstellar distances) or hiding starships on the bottom of the ocean (which the creators obviously knew was a dumb call as they actually tried to lampshade it in the dialogue), it's more than just a picky minority who find fault with every little thing. As stuff like that mounts up you're eventually just really talking about junk cinema, pure and simple.

Which in other contexts wouldn't be that bad. If Into Darkness had been a Lost in Space movie, it would've been a triumph. The context does affect the reception.
Explain to me why showing a new technology based on a previously seen technology is wrong and why hiding a starship under an ocean is dumb.
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