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Re: Favourite Warp Effect...

I cant vote for JJ. It was too weird for me to be in the cinema in 2009, with all those quick cuts and people shouting and lens flares and Vulcan gone at almost the same time I couldnt figure where was I, to say nothing of having to digest the Enterprise being built on Earth with those oversized nacelles and Uhura kissing Spock. Too weird. Evaluating the beauty of the warp effect wasnt very high in the list of priorities.

But to those who rate the TMP effect as cartoony, it is because the people who made it tried to get it right: due to the Doppler effect, stars would change color with the increasing of the ship's speed, redshift ahead blueshift behind (I believe), so the rainbow has some basis. Also the tunnel: if you somehow traveled faster than light your eyes would see the things ahead of you shrunk due to aberration and also the things behind because you would be catching up with the light they (the objects behind) emitted previously in the same direction creating a virtual tunnel. Hard theoretical stuff. To say nothing of putting a wormhole in a wide-release summer movie in the 1970s. That took balls.

Hey nobody said mixing science with art would end well for anyone.

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