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Re: Season FIVE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Having just looked at the episode once again, I'd forgotten that we're talking about two shots here, not just one. One wider, the other closer. So hopefully they've found two alternative shots that also vary their angle and field of view accordingly.

Also, another thing I hadn't noticed before is that when the Tamarian ship fires back at the Enterprise's starboard nacelle, the direction of the beam doesn't make sense. When the Enterprise fires, the beam travels from roughly the center of the screen to the upper right and the next shot shows the beam appearing from the lower left side of the frame and hitting the Tamarian ship several times in different locations. So far, so good. Other than the fact than a phaser beam is coming from the torpedo launcher, it makes sense spatially. The beam is traveling in the same direction both times.

But then when the Tamarian ship fires back, it's nose is in the upper right quadrant of the frame and a green phaser beam fires downward, disappearing beyond the right side of the frame. Then, in the next cut, the Enterprise is hit... but the beam is coming from the upper right corner of the frame. This doesn't make much sense.

In order to fix this, CBS-Digital could simply flip the previous shot of the Tamarian ship horizontally like this so that it's nose is pointed toward the upper left of the frame, and the beam toward the Enterprise.
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