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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

67. The Spectacular Now (A)

One of the biggest successes at this year's Sundance festival, arriving in Kingston shortly after fellow Sundance success Fruitvale Station. The story starts out as being, basically a teen romance, but in the last thirty minutes or so becomes much heavier (some of the kernels of this are obvious in the lead-up; but there's a particular moment that was so unexpected that it produced audible surprise in the theatre I saw it in). The film's ending diverges from the novel's somewhat, and I've seen people interpreting it as a straight happy ending, but I don't agree -- the author has remarked that the adapters have considerable fondness for The Graduate, and I think watching the expressions play across Shailene Woodley's face convey considerable ambiguity. Woodley and costar Miles Teller are both terrific in the lead roles.

This was one of Roger Ebert's last new film reviews, and I think it was his last four-star review, which would be a nice bit of history.

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