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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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Well, all the witnesses there said Ray Lewis was trying to break up a fight and he cooperated with the police and testified against them. The end result was he was the only one who was punished. He probably did lie to the cops and destroy evidence, but it's also not clear that his lying made a difference in the long run.
No, he definitively did lie to the police (and they never found the suit Lewis was wearing that night -- what, did he accidentally drop it into the Inner Harbor?). In exchange for his testimony, the murder charge against Lewis was dropped and he plead guilty to obstruction of justice due to lying in his initial interviews.

(Sorry, the Ray Lewis thing gets to me because I'm still in Baltimore for another month and he is a fucking deity out here. It's ridiculous.)

In actual MLB news, the Giants have locked down Hunter Pence to a 5 / 90 extension, which I think immediately makes that one of the worst contracts in baseball the moment pen is put to paper.

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