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Re: Rugby Union 2013 Thread

SA won comfortably 28 - 8 after going into half-time 23 - 3 up. Looking at just this you could think the Wallabies had a better second half as it was 5-all, but really they didn't have that much of a better second half as South Africa played half of the second half a man down in the forwards. In fact there were 4 cards, 2 to each and both losing a man in either half, though the SA first half card was at the cusp of half time so they went the first 9 minutes of the second without a player.

The Wallabies did score a try, but it was a mix of decent vision from Cooper for a long kick to his winger and a very lax SA backline not paying attention and paying from a quick lineout.

Scrum was again a mess. It looked better when Robinson came on, but it also benefited for extended periods against 7 men. Lineout was quite bad with poor delivery to the scrum half and then Sia'a not throwing straight when he came on.

Nic White will be blasted for kicking too much (which I don't disagree with), but I don't doubt he was given orders to kick a lot. Genia came on at half time and they ran it more, but again Australia was chasing a lost game and had a numbers advantage. All that said, I doubt McKenzie will start White next week against the Pumas.

With the cards it isn't hard to figure out it was a spiteful match, though any time you play against SA it tends to be that way due to how they often approach their rugby. The media here will probably but it in a better light than I have, but still not a lot of improvement for the Wallabies over McKenzie's time and they are still looking like they are the fourth best team in the RC.

As for the Jake White situation, I'm still waiting to hear what he has to say, but I'm still on the forgiving side of the fence at the moment. As for his replacement, I guess it shouldn't be surprising to see the media bring up Dean's name, but I have to wonder if he would want to return to the Australian rugby scene given some of the stuff he had to put up with over the last 5 years.

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