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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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Or you jettison all the baggage, and you start over with the characters that are the real pop culture icons: the TOS crew.
I liked TOS and all but I was born in the TNG era, they've been my icon when it comes to Trek.
I actually have a pet theory, completed unsupported by any hard numbers, that most of the opposition to the reboot comes from TNG/DS9/VOY generation fans, as opposed to us old-timers who grew up on TOS, which was arguably pulpier and more action-oriented than the later shows.
Heh, I've been cultivating the same thought.

I also get the feeling there's some resentment that the powers-that-be went back to the beginnings of Star Trek, and that not telling additional stories in the Berman-era continuity was somehow an indictment of the entire period (i.e. the perception being it "failed" and was no longer worth continuing).
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