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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

Actually, I'm kinda diggin' that deflector.. except for the fact that the "brass ring" seems sort of monochromatic (I'd be inclined to have it be much more "backlit," so it looks like a real piece of brass photoetch laid on top of the "dish" in that location.

I do notice that the torpedo launcher in the secondary hull looks a bit different... not able to pick out the changes too clearly, but they're definitely there (the main difference I can see now is the single little red dot in the middle of the big black area... versus the two old "TMP-style" red-lined tubes we saw last time... and the apparent loss of the "springy-support system?"). Was that torpedo launcher in the saucer underside (where the TMP E's forward scanner was) there before???

The forward primary-hull "notch" seems a bit sparse... I know you've gone through dozens of iterations re: this, but I'm curious what you're planning to do with this now?

Obviously, you don't have windows in... and no markings. and I note the lack of any "nacelle pylon edge-grillwork" that I've just sort of become accustomed to seeing. I'm assuming that some, or all, of that is "coming soon?"

Overall, a very nice looking ship... but during your work on this, you've had a dozen or so very nice looking designs that have come and gone. I still like one of the earlier ones better... but that's just personal taste.

Then again... is it possible that you've "rolled back" some of the details, so we're seeing elements of my personal fav (this one) again?
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