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Re: STO: TrekBBS Armada and House of TrekBBS - Fleet discussion and FA

Hi, everyone.
I am planning to run an Poker evening in the best tradition of the TNG Bridge Crew.
How is the interest there?

Obviously the game doesn't have an in-game poker apllication and likely never will, so we will have to use an external program to deal the actual cards.

But I imagine it like this.

We meet in the lounge of a ship or the fleet base and have a good time playing "cards" with chat.
So we don't have to minimize thegame all the time the best way would be to use a poker app on mobile devices and ideally a voice chat application would be optional.

There are different poker apps available, depending on what platform the players can use.

Rules would be as follows:

Texas Hold'em

1,000,000 EC buy in
300,000 EC re-buy in

so, if we get 5 players together for this the pot would be 5,000,000 EC at least and up to 6,200,000 if 4 player re-buy in.

Winner takes half the pot.
2nd gets half of the remaining pot
3rd gets half of the remaining remaining pot
final 2 players split the rest between themselves 50/50.
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