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Re: stalkin' my peeps - Welcome New Members thread!

Healthy meals can be pretty high calory, too I eat very healthy and am still 10 kg overweight.

I have friends in Overijssel and in Leeuwarden It's a very nice language and I wanted to at least to know the basics like "please, thanks, happy birthday" etc. in my friends' native tongue.
It's not that hard for me because Dutch is rather similar to some Northern German dialects I am familiar with (admittedly also a bit exotic for a native Bavarian ). The grammar is rather a challenge, though, and the pronounciation of the Dutch L still gives me trouble.

Btw, feel free to call me rhubarb - Rhubarbodendron is quite long and complicated. It was coined in chat when I remarked that the rhododendrons were still in full bloom while there was already fresh rhubarb in the market. RJDiogenes tried to type that 3 times without typo and the result was a Rhubarbodenodrodon which had to be shortened a little to fit here as my username
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