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Re: Technological Stagnation

This is what I call a "steampunk debate." The ideas become more and more extreme because they do not solve a problem, they merely compound it with engineering demands. Meanwhile, congested highways will probably be "solved" from a totally unexpected direction—fewer people will need to travel. That is, those people who can "telecommute" will do so, and many jobs that require physical interaction will become automated.

Even that is not a "solution," it is merely a paradigm shift. Fans of history know that traffic congestion is inevitable in every age. For example, Rome had to restrict who could enter the city at what times, with and without a cart, etc. The only difference today is that the technology is more complicated. Around the turn of the 20th century the "by-products" of horses were a major issue in cities. (Horses could at least take you home "on automatic," but cars cured the horse problems. Maybe we're going backward, or merely shifting around one set of problems for another?) As more people telecommute, or automated machines fill in for minimum wage jobs, we'll have daily slow-downs and outages on the Web to dwarf the release of iOS 7.

And if you thought we had bandwidth problems now, where every person on the planet has a cellular mobile device, just wait until every car needs "mission critical" access, too. We'll need a whole new spectrum and be up to IPv12 at that point. Your sonic toothbrush will have an address.
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