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Re: Girls - is this the man for you?

He reacted to his site actually making some news:

This is the first time I have been able to log in to my website since I first created it and I would like to give everyone a update to my website…..
When I wrote everything on this website originally, 4 days ago, at about 2:30am, with a very sleepy & tired mind, rushing just typing out random thoughts as soon as they came to my mind, all of which only took me about 20 minutes to type everything on this website, it was only meant as a rough draft, I had no idea millions of people from all over the world were going to be seeing it before I had everything worded exactly as I wanted it.
But due to people reading my website, in it’s unfinished condition at the time 4 days ago, it’s easy to understand how people took so many things I stated on here out of context, and misundertood me as a person.
Guess what dude.. whenever people are not in total control, tired, stressed etc. and don't have time or the energy to think things through then they are the most honest.

You douchebag are a racist and you don't want a live being with faults and strengths, you want something out of a genetics lab that fits you perfectly so that you don't have to change a single bit and accommodate your partner.

Oh.. and you are a racist. No denying or explaining that.
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