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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

BillJ wrote: View Post
Way too expensive.

Part of the reason we get such great sets is because they can spread those costs out over the course of a season.
Sindatur wrote: View Post
Yea, it could be a great show for us fans to watch, but, there's no way they could afford to accommodate sets for all those different settings.
Not when most of the action takes place on the bridge. Sure there is an initial start up cost, but once it is built, you can reuse, or even redress it for other scenes. I mean if fan based internet series can afford to create near exact duplicates of the TOS Enterprise Bridge, surely a studio with deeper pockets can create multiple bridges, some of which could even be redressed and reused.

I mean if Game of Thrones can be produced....

anh165 wrote: View Post
All that would do temporarily appease a small minority of elitist and cantankerious Trek "fans", and confuse the crap out of everyone else, further alienating future potential viewers.
I am not saying that my idea is the greatest idea, just throwing it out there, and it's all good if other people don't like it for any reason. But too complicated? Man you must think most people are really stupid, and have the comprehension of a 5 year old.

This is a plot that isn't any more complicated than Terminator or Xmen movie. People understood shows with copmplicated mythologies like Xfiles, Dexter, Breaking Bad, True Blood, BSG, Lost, Game of Thrones, Fringe, and even Stargate SG-1, as well as the plots of Star Trek '09 and All Good Things just fine.

In fact, I think the problem with most TV, especially network TV, is that it ISN'T complex enough, and isn't written interestingly enough. In fact, isn't that the complaint of the detractors of the 22nd and 24th century era Star Trek? It was too bland?

Just my opinion, but I say make it a Bad Robot production, hire people like Ronald D Moore, Joss Whedon, JMS, and Manny Coto as consultants, and you could end up with a well-written and interesting show that people would watch, fans and non fans alike. You can set each era up without going too deeply into the history of say Nemesis, Enterprise, or TUC, themselves. Voyager did that with Flashback, for example. The trick is developing a story and characters people will care about.
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