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I would ask Picard why he was fine with forcibly relocating those Indians during Journey's End
And those colonists in Ensigns of Command weren't given any choice either.

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It also ignores the fact that the Federation was going to move them without ever knowing that they were someplace else, away from the particles. People would just start getting old.
First off, I agree that moving the Baku employing the holoship was a poor idea, the Baku should have been openly approach and been simply told that they were going to be moved.

However, the holoship was basically only to keep the Baku quiet during the move, once they were at the ultimate destination the Baku would have realized immediately that they were somewhere else.

The Federation could've studied the particles, like scientists
Per dialog from the movie, Starfleet did in fact study the particles prior to the Federation Council's decision to move the Baku and harvest the particles.

Or Eminent Domain.
From dialog in DS9 and ST: Enterprise, as well as the movie, when the Baku arrived on the planet it was in Romulan space, subsequently it became part of the Klingon Empire (there's no indication either ventured into the Brier Patch). At some point the area became part of the Federation. The Enteprise had enough information on the Patch to indicate that Starfleet had at least done a brief survey of the area.

Eminent Domain does appply because the planet was never the Baku's. Even Picard, a supporter of the Baku, acknowledges that the planet is in the Federation.

They are doing this as a matter of convenience.
Necessity really. The Federation had formed a partnership with the Sona, and the Sona were dying, so there was a time constraint.

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