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Re: The episode "Distant Origin"

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Woah, hold your rockets there, Captain Eager. Where did I ever say that the sarcophagus would last 50 million years intact?
Your previous question

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And what about the big ass concrete casket they have used to seal the thing off?
implied to me that you expected it to be intact. If you understood that it would be eroded to nothing, then why did you ask?
Are you naturally this pigheaded or do you work at it? What on earth gives you the idea that it must be either intact or eroded to nothing? I said that some trace of it could remain. That is all. It may be nothing more than some rocks that are only found in this one small area and bear signs of having been exposed to something highly radioactive.

Stop inferring.

Not nothing, just incredible luck that it managed to be protected by the right circumstances. How many eggs do you figure were ever laid across the entire Mesozoic? Over the 187 million years of the Mesozoic, how many eggs existed? How many were preserved up to now? Do we have the same numbers of anything to match the long odds of lucky preservation?
Humans are notorious for making things in astronomical quantities. Why should this same luck that let eggshells survive not also act on the huge numbers of things that Humans produce?

But we've seen that a civilization that has advanced to the level where it can build rockets has also developed to the point where it can build sky scrapers.
One data point is not a trend, though.
The same thing applies to lots of things. My point is that a civilisation that has progressed to the point where it can venture out into space has also made a huge number of other technological acheivements.

Anyway, let me ask you a questiopn...

If you could come back to this planet in 50 million years, would you expect that every single trace of human civilization, no matter how small, no matter how insignificant, would have been completely wiped out?
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