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Re: IDW Star Trek Ongoing...

Just read Issue 25 - yay a four parter! It really shows too. They've taken some time to introduce a new character, spent some time on some character moments, designed a story to cover both of the classic TOS villains, and clearly have plenty of room to escalate the story.

It was nice to see a female engineer getting some development, although as a redshirt I can't help wondering how many days she has left to retirement - there is a sort of Peter Preston vibe about her. And Chekov has been promoted! Harry Kim must be very jealous.

The landing party was a good balance of genders and occupation: a commander, a doctor, a weapon specialist, and 2 security guards. Nice to see the Orion again and is that Janice in the background? I get a bit nervous when they stick a blonde on security duty. What I really want now is a recurring Andorian.

Looking forward to part 2. I hope this means that 4 parters are going to be mixed in with shorter stories on a regular basis.
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