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Re: Guess which new show will be canceled first?

Better than the one about Ocampan earginas?

Or when I scientifically proved that Denobulans have group sex twenty feet apart from each other?

Or the one where Kirsten Dunsten wrote the plot for upside Down to relive her glory days of Toby kissing her upside down in Spider-Man 1?

Or what about the one where I took a dump and my faecal spelt out the word RiP. Seriously it was a lower case "i" which had been dotted. My bowels were putting a hit out on me. I was jittery for a week after that!

Or... When I told the Moderator Where'sSaavik that (the character) Saavik was two faced, and he went mental for a couple posts until someone explained that one of Saavik's faces was Kirsty Ally and the other was Robin Curtis?


Good times
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