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Re: Revamped idea for a New show. Star Trek : Star Fleet Intelligence

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It would have to be amazingly made and written for it to be any good, otherwise I think I'll pass.
I don't recall you coming up with any ideas for a new series or anything for that matter. When you do, please let me know
I have loads of ideas for what I want to see in the next Trek series—which fan doesn’t—as well as do a fair bit of original fanfic writing (which can be found in the appropriate board here), so I have nothing wrong with different ideas and takes on Trek.

Whilst the NuTrek movies have brought in big bucks and exposed the masses to Star Trek, that doesn’t mean all those people are going to watch a new series. So it should be rooted in what makes Trek what it is, a group of adventurous people heading into the unknown to see all they can see and go in pursuit of knowledge, not futuristic gadgets and phaser fights. Action has always played a part in Trek, but it isn’t all it was meant to be, it should explore important subject matters in intelligent and unusual angles, not resolving matters by technobabble or firing torpedoes.

In order to attract a new audience, it would have to get the right look and feel, with well written stories, compelling and well thought out characters. After the limp wristed ENT it needs to be about substance as much as style, without resorting to stripping off attractive women or men just to show its “sexy and edgy”.
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