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I have been loving TrekLit in the 24th century the last few years. Political intrigue, characters actually developing instead of only acting in character, major changes that would happen to governments and people in real life as well.

Some people complain that they don't fully recognize their favorite characters anymore. Well yeah, ofcourse. We are basicly 6 years after Nemesis right now. That's a lot of time for a lot of things to happen to a lot of people. They're not gonna stay the same. People are affected by the circumstances around them, so it makes sense our characters would aswell.

As for the stories themselves, I can see how some people feel TrekLit has become somewhat grittier, and I can see that. Ofcourse, that would be a matter of taste. Personally, these novels really draw me in to the story a lot more then the average older Treklit would. But that it just a matter of opinion ofcourse.
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