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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Hello, galaxy.

I'm testing out an online gaming concept for a directed, small-group game set in the TOS era and utilizing the wonderfully zany "Where No Man Has Gone Before" micro-lite d20 system. I'm looking for a few good crew members to take ship with the good Captain T. Jacob Sando on the U.S.S. Vanguard for a five-year mission full of classic Trek goodness. The setting and feel are directly based on the The Star Trek Guide used by the writers' room of the original series, with such concessions to later continuity and custom as fit with the feel -- and the fun -- of that founding format.

Game and rule information are here. The recruitment thread is here.

(Note that the forum linked is not a Fleet; much as I admire the sophistication of many of those efforts, I was also somewhat non-plussed at how hard it is to find a forum that's simply open to hosting Trek RP's without compelling one to join someone's "Fleet." In the end I just made my own, Star Trek Multiverse, and while my RP is on the board, I do invite people who are looking for a simple site open to a range of RP's, settings and continuities to come on over and check it out.)

I hope you like what you see and will consider visiting me! Thanks for reading!

(EDIT: Ahem. I've changed the settings so you can actually read what's at the links without having to log in. Sorry, bit new at this forum business.)

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