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Re: State of Trek according to Entertainment Weekly

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What's really putrid is that the fanboys are insistent on perpetrating and re-stating the blatant lie that those who didn't think it was worth gushing over are somehow a small but vocal minority.
I assume by "putrid" you mean to imply "morally corrupt or evil." Are you really suggesting that STiD "fanboys" are evil?

You claim these people are liars and offer no evidence of their indiscretions. In fact, you represent the truth with such inaccuracy that one could accuse you, you know, being a liar--or, at the very least, a hypocrite.

For one thing, the so-called "gushers" represent a very small portion of the fan base. The attacks on The Vocal Minority are neither exclusive nor imperative to them. Some partake; some don't. The chant emanates from all those (gushers and non gushers) who've grown weary of The Vocal Minority's bullshit.

They make up a very large portion if not half of the total amount of people who saw it. If you count those who just thought it was "meh" and nothing particularly special, that percentage rises even farther.
And all those you've deemed victims have never been ridiculed or attacked and are certainly not considered by anyone as part of The Vocal Minority.

It wasn't worth gushing over unless you simply aren't aware of writing standards...
To what kind of writing standards do you refer? Some writing standards are used as a personal guideline. They are purely subjective and have no relevance to anything or anyone else. Other writing standards serve as a rulebook indicating the proper form and etiquette of writing. For example, one such rule might dictate or suggest a proper use of "further" and "farther."

I fail to see how either of these apply.

Only if you're uneducated in several key areas that would affect your ability to determine such a thing.
Please. Enlighten us.
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