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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

Did a bit of math and here's my results. Click to embiggen the image.

We begin with the 622 meter Excelsior, scaled from her window rows. Sized as-is in my file, she's 2363 px. I then scale the Enterprise refit to 2/3 Excelsior size to maintain the relative size difference first put forth at the official, smaller scale. At 1575 px, she's 415 meters long. I scaled the Miranda, TOS Enterprise to match, and for good measure throw in the four-deck saucer version of the Oberth.

Excelsior: @ 622 meters/2363 px & 35 decks
Ent refit: @ 415 meters/1575 px & 33 decks
Miranda: @ 326 meters/1240 px & 19 decks (5 in rollbar pod)
Ent TOS: @ 408 meters/1552 px & 33 decks
Oberth: @ 260 meters/988 px & 17 decks

The classic era ships don't look bad at these sizes next to the Galaxy to me, while maintaining internal relative scaling fairly well and also making Galaxy to Excelsior and Galaxy to Oberth seem more like what we saw on TNG. It flies in the face of official convention, but that in and of itself doesn't bother me. What I wonder is, does the preponderance of evidence agree more with the above, or more with the official scaling?

Thoughts and opinions?
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