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Re: State of Trek according to Entertainment Weekly

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What's really putrid is that the fanboys are insistent on perpetrating and re-stating the blatant lie that those who didn't think it was worth gushing over are somehow a small but vocal minority. They make up a very large portion if not half of the total amount of people who saw it. If you count those who just thought it was "meh" and nothing particularly special, that percentage rises even farther. It wasn't worth gushing over unless you simply aren't aware of writing standards, actually good films or are easily amused due to being unfit. "Good"? Yes. "Watchable"? Yes. "New-Age"? Definitely. "Greatest-ever or one of the greatest ever"? Only if you're uneducated in several key areas that would affect your ability to determine such a thing.
That's a bit hypocritical complaining about fanboys who supposedly make up numbers while swiping at them for being uneducated, having poor standards and being easily amused "due to being unfit" (What does that even mean?)

Very, very insulting, and utterly sinks any argument you were trying to make.
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