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Re: The episode "Distant Origin"

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Well you can't put too much stock into the History channel these days....
Of course not, but I have no idea what else Tiberius may have access to. Perhaps a library? Do people (other than me) still carry library cards?

Yes pavonis, we all know the difference between bones and fossils. You don't need to nitpick pointing it out when we use the terms interchangeably considering the topic of discussion.
Do "we"? Because calling a fossil "bone" is like calling petrified wood "a tree". They're not the same thing, and being incredulous that "bones" survived millions of years isn't a sign of understanding the situation. Rocks and minerals survive millions of years; bones survive only thousands of years, unless they get fossilized. There's a fundamental difference between "fossil" and "bone", and using the words interchangeably is sloppy communication.
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